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"It is our aim to resource disciple makers and churches with SIMPLE and PRACTICAL for making disciples, developing leaders and launching churches.  Future resources will become available in 2020!"  



"It is our desire to serve as a CATALYST for sparking a disciple-making movement in your church or community.  Here is a brief video on how it works and THREE great opportunities for ongoing training and development." 

How it Works

To get a better idea of how the Banding Together process works, take a look at this short video and consider joining our Facebook Group.

We also offer three options for ongoing training.  Cohorts are for pastors that desire to build disciple-making churches.  Huddles are short-term gatherings to implement Banding Together and On-Site visits can have a variety of applications. 

1. Cohorts

We partner with pastors, districts, and network leaders to offer exclusive online (6-month) cohorts (10-12 people). These cohorts are designed to help pastors and leaders make and multiply disciples and the cohort is titled.... "Building A Disciple-Making Church"


If you are interested in joining a NEW set of cohorts launching this January please E-mail here with your name, church, and affiliation.

2. Huddles

A shorter and more focused version of the cohort, huddles meet for 3 weeks and are Laser-Focused on the "Banding Together" philosophy and process of implementation.  Participants will be trained in the process of "Banding Together" and encourage to multiply that training in their context.  Interested?

E-mail here with your name, church, and affiliation.

3. On-Site

Bring the "Banding Together" disciple-making strategy to your local church by signing up for an on-site training event. We come alongside pastors and lay-leaders to pour fuel on the fires of disciple-making and bring inspiration and strategic thinking to each local context.  E-mail here



"The Disciple-Making Conference is a REGIONAL conference designed to inspire and equip disciple-makers with the simple and practical tools necessary to spark a movement in their church or community" 

Indianapolis, IN (Oct 2018)

The Disciple-Making Conference (DMC) launched in the Midwest Region with 250+ pastors and lay leaders representing Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois and a few other states.  The conference was held at Trinity Church Indianapolis and was SOLD OUT! 

Greensboro, NC (Oct 2019)

Fall of 2019 we launched the Disciple-Making Conference in North Carolina.  Dates were set for October 7th-8th and registration began June 1st 2019 at  

FUTURE SITE! (Oct 2020)

Plans are in the works to launch a Disciple-Making Conference in the midwest in the fall of 2020.  Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.  



"The proof of Banding Together is found in the TESTIMONIES of hundreds of people around the country that serve as Discipleship GROUP LEADERS.  This video represents a few of the incredible leaders at Trinity Church in Indianapolis.



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Jon Wiest is the founder of Groundswell, a global non-profit mobilizing a growing wave of disciple makers and pioneering leaders to plant hundreds and thousands of churches.  He has had the privilege of planting two churches in Dallas, TX and Des Moines, IA and most recently served at Trinity Church in Indianapolis.  Jon is a graduate of Wheaton College and Wesley Seminary and is married to his wife Katie. They have four beautiful girls.